Deadpool 3 MCU plans laid bare by Kevin Feige

whenever they want to anytime they want Disney Plus since Fox was purchased by Disney in the past few years. This means Wade Wilson is back where is at with Marvel

However, this purchase also signified that the next Deadpool film is set to be a part of this current Marvel Cinematic Universe And plans are being made to make it happen

Ryan Reynolds character has always been a metacommentary. Ryan Reynolds character has always been a crossroads between comedy and metacommentary in his comic books as well as his films

He even mixed with the XMen film series in his movies after he went to his school, the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Children The chance to watch him interact with SpiderMan and the other characters of SpiderMan is a comic book lover's ideal

And it is certain to be coming according to Feige the president of Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios president

When you asked him regarding Deadpool 3 last year around the time of WandaVision the director said it would be rated R. We are currently working on an script at the moment and Ryans managing the writing process right now.

Feige even offered a glimpse into the production schedule of the film's upcoming release.

He also said it won't be filmed this year in 2021.

He noted Reynolds Reynolds is a very active and extremely well-known actor.

Feige was on The list of things we've been able to get a lot of things we've previously announced that we have to develop, but it's amazing to have it started. Via Collider

Then, he offered some insights about how to integrate Deadpool into the established MCU