Camila Cabello says her life was so bad and so painful before therapy

Camila Cabello is getting real about how therapy changed her life.

speaking about struggling with severe anxiety following her split with Shawn Mendes and how it was beginning to threaten her artistry before she found help.

My life was so bad and so painful that I was like If you tell me that eating off the ground will make me feel better

 I will do it Cabello said I was like Yes of course  therapy All of it. There was a time where my anxiety felt so bad I was like, ‘I don't feel like I can go in the studio.

The Havana” singer recently sat down in a candid interview with the Daily Pop’s Justin Sylvester

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she wrote, adding that she also avoided eating anything too heavy before hitting the beach

I tried to pretend they werent there but I couldnt and I held my breath from my sun chair to the ocean she continued