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Many Americans are financially unprepared for unexpected expenses: 35% would have difficulty covering a sudden $400 expense, according to a 2020 Federal Reserve report. If you’re considering an expensive payday loan, it may be worthwhile to research apps that lend money and compare the costs.

To help you find one that might be right for your situation, compare our picks for the ten best apps that lend money.

These payroll advance apps make it easy to access the funds you need from the comfort of your smartphone. The process is usually fast, and credit checks are minimal.

Most combine fintech features with payday loan services. However, they try to keep costs as low as possible, unlike the predatory charges of traditional payday loan sharks. They also include modern features like online wallets and budgeting functions.

This post looks at the top instant loan apps, showcasing their inner workings and notable features.

Do you need money to pay your rent or to sustain your business? Whatever your financial demands are, having an app that allows you to borrow money when you need it is critical.

These money lending apps in the USA can give you access to cash range depending on the amount you need. Here are the best ten apps that let you borrow money in the USA.


Home Credit

This is one of the most accessible portals for any Indian citizen from 19 to 65 to get short-term loans in India. Depending on your credit rating, you can easily avail of loans up to INR 2,00,000 with two documents only, a PAN card and any other proof of identity or address. 

This makes the approval process short, and hence it has made the list of the best personal loan apps. You are eligible for a credit period of up to 26 months, and the loan approval is entirely digital. 

It can be directly linked to your bank account or any other digital wallet, and the money will be directly credited to the same account. This platform is also available to senior citizens who are pensioners and have a basic monthly income and is also valid for students who are studying and not earning.

  • Interest Rate Per Month – 2.4 to 3.3 percent
  • Maximum Loan Amount – Rs. 10,000
  • Minimum Loan Amount – Rs. 2,00,000
  • Documentation – PAN card, Identity/Address proof
  • Features – Generates best offers after evaluating ‘best fit’ eligibility, Provides easy loan application and approval, Extends clear view of loan details, Facilitates quick EMI payments, 100% private and secure online process.


It began as a drugstore but has now expanded to include money lending services. Dhani is one of the best personal loan apps without documents, and many outstation students rely on it to make ends meet while working part-time. You can quickly obtain a quick loan of up to INR 5,00,000, with interest rates handy and affordable. 

Every transaction will earn you 2% cashback, which you may spend for future redemptions and services. There are no bank mandates necessary, and you can quickly receive a lifetime cashback card with the help of Dhani, which is why this is the best instant loan app without salary slips. Also, you get a virtually interest-free credit line up to INR 5,00,000 and can easily choose to get a 90-day payback scheme.

  • Interest Rate Per Month – 1 to 3.17 percent
  • Maximum Loan Amount – Rs. 5,00,000
  • Minimum Loan Amount – Rs. 1,000
  • Documentation – PAN card, Address proof (passport, voter ID, driving license, Aadhar card), Bank details
  • Features – Instant money up to Rs. 5,00,000 at minimum interest, Easy EMI, Unlimited access to doctors, No processing fee & other charges, Exciting cashback, Free Dhani RuPay card, 100% online process, 24*7 customer support

Daily Pay

Here is another app that lets you borrow money from employers. Daily pay also gives you access to a portion of your earnings before payday.

For each hour you’ve worked, you build up credit in your DailyPay account, which you can then transfer to your bank account.

The app charges a fee of $1.25 per transfer to receive your money by the next business day or $2.99 to receive your money instantly.

When payday comes around, you receive your regular paycheck minus any requested advances. DailyPay also lets you set up automatic transfers at specific times.


Brigit may advance you between $80 and $250, but you’ll have to pay $9.99 a month for the Brigit Plus plan to qualify for “instant transfers” and other features.

The app is available on Android and Apple devices and stands out for its budgeting tools that help you track your spending and its “Brigit score” model.

Your Brigit score ranges from 0 to 100 and measures three financial wellness metrics: bank account health, spending behavior, and earnings profile.


The mobile app (formerly Active hours) allows workers with bank accounts to tap into their already earned pay when they leave work instead of waiting until payday.

Users can cash out up to $100 per paycheck or $500 for active users. Earnin charges no fees or interest instead of asking customers to tip what they think is fair. It is one of the fastest apps that lets you borrow money in the USA.

To use Earnin, you must have a consistent pay schedule weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly. More than 50% of your paycheck must be sent to a single checking account by direct deposit each pay period.

Also, you’ll need to either work at the exact location every day or use electronic timesheets to track your hours.

Earnin calculates your pay rate based only on money directly deposited into your checking account from a single employer.

If you have Earnin’s “Lightning Speed” feature, you may be able to receive your money immediately. Without Lightning Speed, Earnin says you’ll typically receive your money in one to two business days.


The Dave app offers a collection of financial tools to help make your life easier. This includes up to $100 advances and up to $200 for members of Dave Banking.

You can also get paid up to 2 days in advance. As well as build your credit history for free by simply paying your rent and utilities on time.

Dave Banking charges no fees, no late fees, no minimum balance, or other hidden fees. And it additionally gives you free access to over 30,000 ATMs.

Another feature of the Dave app is helping you find a side hustle. And this makes sense because not earning enough is the primary reason for borrowing.


MoneyLion is another fintech outfit with lots of value for millions of hard-working Americans. It combines financial advisory services with low or zero fees, loans, investments, and a credit-builder into one app

It lets you set up a RoarMoney account that helps get your deposits up to 2 days faster. And after two recurring deposits, you qualify for up to $1,000 cash advances with 0% APR.

You can also invest your extra cash through the platform, using auto investing and fully managed portfolios. An account costs $1 per month for downsides, while the credit-builder feature costs $19.95.


CASHe has established itself as the best personal loan app, and the UI/UX it has to offer for its application confirms this. You can easily log in and register on the app, and the dashboard contains all of the information you’ll need to get a fast loan. You can choose from various loans with a maximum amount of INR 500,000 and various interest rates and repayment terms.

You can also make a direct deposit into the associated bank account. You can also set up direct auto-debit for loan interest payments, eliminating the need to visit the platform each time. There are also Buy Now Pay Later partnerships with Flipkart, Amazon, Big Basket, and others, and you may choose to guarantee your debts with insurance policies.

  • Interest Rate Per Month – Starts from 1.75 percent.
  • Maximum Loan Amount – Rs. 5,00,000
  • Minimum Loan Amount – Rs. 5,000
  • Documentation – Proof of Income (salary slip), Proof of Identity (passport, Aadhar card, driving license, or voter ID), Proof of Address (bills like electricity, gas, telephone, or maintenance), PAN card
  • Features – Online process of application, User-friendliness, Privacy & security, 24/7 service, Low-interest rates, Basic documentation


Yet another cash advance app like Dave, Even helps you get payment on-demand by working with thousands of employers who have partnered with the company. There’s no interest involved, but the app charges $8 per month as a membership fee. Some employers, however, subsidize some or all of that cost. 

Alongside cash advances, the Even app also helps you with budgeting from paycheck to paycheck and sends notifications about upcoming bill payments and how much you need for them.

It is important to note that Even is only available through select employers partnered with the app. It also works with more than 18,000 banks for its InstaPay feature that deposits cash to your bank account within one business day. However, unlike some other apps on this list, the Even app does not disburse loans, and it only allows quick access to wages you have already earned.

Axos Bank

Unlike some other apps on this list, Axos Bank is a full-service digital banking service that offers high-yield checking and savings accounts. You also get investment options, loans, personal finance management, etc.

While Axos does not offer a suitable cash advance option per se, it has a feature called Direct Deposit Express. It lets you access your money up to two days early when your employer’s paycheck is deposited in your bank.

The security features include two-factor authentication (2FA), Face ID, fingerprint (or Touch ID on Apple devices), and account monitoring to prevent fraud. The app does not charge a monthly service charge or overdraft fees. Axos Bank also does not have a minimum balance requirement, although you need a minimum $50 balance to open your account.

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