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World of War Machines - WW2

World of War Machines - WW2

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(0 Reviews) September 24, 2023
World of War Machines - WW2 World of War Machines - WW2 World of War Machines - WW2 World of War Machines - WW2 World of War Machines - WW2 World of War Machines - WW2

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September 24, 2023
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*Oppenheimer Character Collection Event Ongoing

Step back in time to the tumultuous era of World War II with the Oppenheimer Character Collection Event. This ongoing event allows you to embark on a thrilling journey through history as you collect the letters of 'Manhattan Project' and 'Oppenheimer' – the event's namesake – while securing Tactical Manuals, Research Journals, and Code Sheets as rewards.

The World on the Brink

Operation Mode Updated

In 1938, the world stood on the brink of another devastating war. With Europe facing imminent threats, you must lead the charge in a new battle to safeguard world peace. Your mission includes executing successful landing operations, providing air support, strategizing rescue missions, and defending against large-scale attacks.

Preparation for World War II

Building Up for Battle

As the Allies prepare to face enemy forces, the sleeping giants of the USSR and America awaken to hasten their rearmament. To succeed in this fierce war, you'll need to construct, research, and craft equipment, defeat AFV Platoons and Battle Groups, and secure valuable supplies and loot.

Historical Battle Experiences

The Beginning of War

In 1939, a single gunshot marked the beginning of a war that engulfed Europe. Recruit officers and immerse yourself in historical battles, including invasions and the Battle of Uranus, as you witness the powder keg of Europe explode.

Commanding Historical Troops

Fighting on All Fronts

With war spreading across land, skies, and oceans, you'll lead your troops to victory. Engage in fierce battles over Britain and the English Channel, and conquer the French mainland as you build a formidable army based on meticulous historical research. Deploy aircraft and employ strategic tactics to secure dominance.

Global Domination

Making History

As the world plunges into war, it's your time to shine. Forge alliances with commanders from around the world, conquer key locations in the USSR and Europe, and lay siege to cities to make your mark on history.

Permissions Required by the Game

To enjoy this immersive historical journey, the game may request certain permissions, including:

  • Photo, Media, and File Access: Necessary for game updates, saving game files, and providing support for inquiries.

How to Withdraw Access Rights

Depending on your device's Android version:

  • Android 6.0 or higher: Navigate to Device Settings > Apps > Choose App > Permissions > Withdraw Access Rights.

  • Android versions older than 6.0: Uninstalling the app is necessary to withdraw access rights.

Please note that the description may vary depending on the devices and OS versions in use.

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