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(0 Reviews) February 22, 2024
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February 22, 2024
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More About TruckSmart

With the TruckSmart Android App. you have the Full Service Advantage right at your fingertips! Map out your daily route to include TA or Petro locations wherever you go. TA and Petro offer diesel and gasoline fueling services, full and quick-serve restaurants, heavy truck maintenance services, 24-hour c-stores, WIFI and more, all within large, high traffic facilities. Plus, we offer 24/7/365 roadside repair with our RoadSquad program. 

TruckSmart: Your Comprehensive Trucking Companion

App Description: Experience hassle-free trucking with TruckSmart, the ultimate app designed to cater to the needs of truckers. TruckSmart offers a suite of features that streamline your journey, providing essential information and tools to enhance your trucking experience. From real-time fuel prices to truck stop amenities and trip planning assistance, TruckSmart is your go-to solution for efficient and stress-free trucking.

Primary Features:

  1. Real-Time Fuel Prices: Stay informed about fuel prices at truck stops along your route. Compare prices and plan your refueling stops to save time and money on the road.

  2. Truck Stop Amenities: Discover nearby truck stops and access information about amenities such as parking availability, showers, restaurants, and more. Find the best places to rest and refuel during your journey.

  3. Trip Planning Assistance: Plan your trucking routes with ease using Trip Planner. Input your origin, destination, and preferred stops, and TruckSmart provides optimized routes tailored to your truck's specifications.

  4. Rest Area Information: Access details about rest areas and service plazas along your route. Find restrooms, vending machines, and other facilities to take breaks during long hauls.

  5. Weigh Station Status: Stay updated on the status of weigh stations along your route. Receive alerts for open or closed weigh stations and plan your route accordingly.

  6. Parking Availability: Check real-time parking availability at truck stops and rest areas. Find available parking spaces and plan your stops ahead of time to avoid unnecessary delays.

  7. Weather Updates: Get real-time weather updates along your route. Stay informed about current weather conditions, forecasts, and potential hazards to ensure safe and efficient travel.

  8. Customizable Notifications: Set up customizable notifications for fuel price changes, weigh station statuses, and other relevant updates. Stay informed and in control throughout your journey.

TruckSmart is your comprehensive trucking companion, providing everything you need for a seamless and productive journey. Download the app now and experience trucking convenience with TruckSmart.

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