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Teleprompter iOS

Teleprompter iOS

3.9.25 by Mirror Text & Script for Video
(0 Reviews) February 26, 2024
Teleprompter iOS Teleprompter iOS Teleprompter iOS Teleprompter iOS Teleprompter iOS Teleprompter iOS

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February 26, 2024
Mirror Text & Script for Video
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More About Teleprompter iOS

Turn your device into a Teleprompter - iOS App for free... Teleprompter is the versatile free teleprompter app for your iPad and iPhone.

Teleprompter iOS – Your Key to Flawless Presentations

Engaging App Description:

Transform your public speaking and presentation skills with the Teleprompter iOS app, designed specifically for iPhone and iPad users who aim for perfection in every delivery. Whether you're giving a speech, recording a video, or delivering a presentation, Teleprompter provides a seamless, intuitive experience that enhances your performance without the stress of memorizing lines.

The Teleprompter iOS app is your personal prompter, always ready to assist you with its smooth, adjustable scrolling speed, easy script upload, and customizable text options. It's designed to suit a variety of needs, from professional broadcasters to casual vloggers, ensuring that everyone can communicate their message effectively and confidently.

Primary Features:

  • 📜 Smooth Scrolling Text: Ensure a steady flow of words with adjustable scrolling speed to match your speaking pace.
  • 📲 Easy Script Uploads: Import your speeches or scripts directly into the app for immediate use.
  • 🔠 Customizable Text Options: Adjust font size, style, and color to optimize readability and comfort.
  • 🔄 Mirror Mode: Flip your script for use with professional teleprompter hardware setups.
  • Timer & Countdown: Prepare yourself with a countdown before starting, and keep track of your speaking time.
  • 🎥 Video Recording: Record videos directly within the app, perfect for practicing or creating content for online platforms.

With the Teleprompter iOS app, you can focus on delivering your message with confidence and clarity. Its user-friendly interface and robust features eliminate the fear of forgetting your lines, allowing you to concentrate on engaging with your audience. Whether in front of a camera, in a meeting, or on stage, Teleprompter ensures that your words flow as intended.

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