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February 22, 2024
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The Tulsa City County Library Android App is your portal to the library's services from your mobile devices. Check your account, search and browse the catalog, request an item, use your digital library card, renew items and get the latest recommended reads suggestions.


App Description: TCCL, short for Time Capsule: Capture Life, is a unique app designed to help users create digital time capsules to preserve and share their memories with loved ones or future generations. With TCCL, users can compile a diverse range of multimedia content such as photos, videos, audio recordings, notes, and more into personalized time capsules, ensuring that precious moments and experiences are not forgotten over time. Whether it's commemorating a milestone event, capturing daily life, or leaving a legacy for future generations, TCCL provides a user-friendly platform to curate and preserve memories for years to come.

Primary Features:

  1. Create Personalized Time Capsules: TCCL allows users to create customized time capsules by compiling various forms of multimedia content, including photos, videos, audio recordings, and written notes. Users can tailor their capsules to reflect specific events, experiences, or themes.

  2. Easy Multimedia Compilation: The app offers a seamless interface for users to effortlessly compile and organize multimedia content within their time capsules. Users can add content from their device's library or capture new media directly within the app.

  3. Set Future Release Dates: TCCL enables users to schedule release dates for their time capsules, allowing them to be opened and shared at designated times in the future. Whether it's years down the line or on a specific date, users have full control over when their memories are revealed.

  4. Share and Collaborate: Users can share their time capsules with friends, family, or collaborators, either privately or publicly. TCCL facilitates collaboration on capsules, allowing multiple users to contribute content and create collective memories.

  5. Discover and Explore: The app features a discovery section where users can explore and engage with publicly shared time capsules from other users around the world. From travel adventures to historical retrospectives, TCCL offers a platform for discovering diverse perspectives and stories.

  6. Digital Preservation: TCCL ensures the long-term preservation of digital memories by securely storing time capsules in the cloud. Users can rest assured that their precious memories are safely archived and accessible for generations to come.

  7. Customizable Themes and Templates: To add a personal touch, TCCL offers a variety of customizable themes and templates for users to enhance the visual presentation of their time capsules. From elegant designs to playful motifs, users can choose the perfect aesthetic to complement their memories.

TCCL revolutionizes the way people capture, preserve, and share their life experiences, fostering connections across time and generations through the power of digital storytelling.

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