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SoundHound - Music Discovery iOS

SoundHound - Music Discovery iOS

10.2.3 by Find & play songs with lyrics
(0 Reviews) February 06, 2024
SoundHound - Music Discovery iOS SoundHound - Music Discovery iOS SoundHound - Music Discovery iOS SoundHound - Music Discovery iOS

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February 06, 2024
Find & play songs with lyrics
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More About SoundHound - Music Discovery iOS

Hey, what song is that? SoundHound - iOS App makes it simple to identify music playing around you. Whether you’re in the car or out and about — open the app, hit the big orange SoundHound button, let your phone listen for a few seconds, and we’ll tell you exactly what’s playing! It's been called pure magic — and with 300M+ downloads and billions of songs discovered — we tend to agree.

SoundHound: Music Discovery

App Description: Welcome to SoundHound, your ultimate companion for discovering music and exploring the world of sound on iOS. With SoundHound, you can identify songs, discover new tracks, and access a wealth of information about your favorite artists and albums. Whether you're on the go, at home, or out with friends, SoundHound provides a seamless and immersive music discovery experience that puts the power of knowledge and exploration right at your fingertips.

Primary Features:

  1. Song Identification: Instantly identify songs playing around you with SoundHound's powerful music recognition technology. Whether it's a track playing on the radio, in a cafe, or at a party, simply launch SoundHound and let it identify the song within seconds.

  2. Lyrics Display: Access synchronized lyrics for the songs you love, allowing you to sing along and discover the deeper meaning behind the music. Follow along with real-time lyrics scrolling as you listen to your favorite tracks, enhancing your music listening experience.

  3. Music Discovery: Discover new music tailored to your tastes with personalized recommendations and curated playlists. Explore trending tracks, new releases, and recommended artists based on your listening history and preferences.

  4. Artist Insights: Dive deeper into the world of your favorite artists with detailed biographies, discographies, and related content. Learn about their musical influences, career milestones, and upcoming events, all within the SoundHound app.

  5. Voice Control: Control SoundHound hands-free using voice commands for seamless music discovery on the go. Simply say "Hey SoundHound" followed by your query to identify songs, play tracks, or access other features without lifting a finger.

  6. Offline Access: Access your recent searches, identified songs, and favorite tracks offline, perfect for times when you're in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. Enjoy uninterrupted music discovery wherever you are, even without an active internet connection.

  7. Integration with Apple Music: Seamlessly integrate SoundHound with Apple Music to access your favorite tracks, playlists, and albums directly from the app. Add identified songs to your Apple Music library, create playlists, and explore additional content available on the platform.

  8. User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through the app effortlessly with its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Access key features with just a few taps, explore recommended content, and discover new music with ease.

SoundHound redefines the way you discover and explore music on iOS, providing a comprehensive music discovery experience that puts the world of sound at your fingertips. Download the app now and embark on an exciting journey of music exploration and discovery.

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