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Shutterstock - Stock Photos iOS Shutterstock - Stock Photos iOS Shutterstock - Stock Photos iOS Shutterstock - Stock Photos iOS Shutterstock - Stock Photos iOS Shutterstock - Stock Photos iOS

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February 02, 2024
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More About Shutterstock - Stock Photos iOS

The best way to discover and purchase royalty-free images and videos on your mobile device. Browse over 310 million high-quality stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos from one of the world’s largest subscription-based stock library. Buy your content and share it easily—all within the app.

Shutterstock - Stock Photos

App Description: Shutterstock is an iOS app that serves as a comprehensive platform for accessing a vast library of high-quality stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos. With millions of diverse assets sourced from talented contributors worldwide, Shutterstock caters to the needs of creative professionals, businesses, and individuals seeking top-notch visual content for various projects. Whether you're designing marketing materials, creating presentations, or enhancing your social media content, Shutterstock offers an extensive collection of visual assets to inspire your creativity and elevate your projects.

Primary Features:

  1. Extensive Collection: Shutterstock boasts a diverse and extensive collection of stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos curated from talented contributors worldwide. With millions of assets spanning various themes, subjects, and styles, users have access to an unparalleled library to fulfill their creative needs.

  2. Efficient Search Functionality: The app offers robust search functionality, allowing users to quickly find relevant content by entering keywords, categories, or specific criteria. Advanced search filters enable users to refine their results based on factors such as image orientation, color, and composition, ensuring they can locate the perfect assets for their projects.

  3. Curated Collections: Shutterstock curates collections of images and videos to inspire users and showcase trending topics, seasonal themes, and popular styles. From curated galleries highlighting current trends to thematic collections tailored for specific industries or occasions, users can explore curated content to discover fresh and relevant visuals for their projects.

  4. Favorites and Collections: Users can save their favorite assets and organize them into collections for easy access and reference. By creating collections, users can efficiently manage their curated content and streamline their workflow when working on multiple projects or themes.

  5. License Agreements: Shutterstock handles all licensing agreements and legal aspects of image sales on behalf of users. Users can trust that their images are protected by comprehensive license agreements, ensuring fair use and protection of intellectual property rights.

  6. Secure Checkout: Shutterstock offers a secure and seamless checkout process, allowing users to license assets directly within the app with confidence. Users can add items to their cart, apply discounts or coupon codes, and complete their transactions using various payment methods, including Apple Pay and credit/debit cards.

  7. Personalized Recommendations: Shutterstock delivers personalized recommendations to users based on their browsing history, favorite items, and purchase activity. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, Shutterstock tailors recommendations to each user's unique preferences, helping them discover new products and trends they'll love.

  8. Download History: Shutterstock keeps track of users' download history, providing a convenient record of previously licensed assets. This feature enables users to easily revisit and re-download previously licensed content as needed, saving time and effort in managing their visual assets.

  9. Community Engagement: Shutterstock fosters a vibrant community of creatives, providing opportunities for engagement, collaboration, and support. Users can participate in forums, join groups, and share their experiences with fellow Shutterstock enthusiasts, creating a sense of camaraderie and connection within the Shutterstock community.

With its diverse selection of high-quality visual assets, efficient search functionality, and user-friendly interface, Shutterstock offers iOS users a comprehensive platform for finding and licensing top-notch stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos for their creative projects. Whether you're a designer, marketer, educator, or content creator, Shutterstock provides a valuable resource for accessing premium visual content to enhance your work and bring your ideas to life.

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