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Shutterstock: Unleash Creativity with Premium Stock Content - iOS App

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Shutterstock Contributor iOS Shutterstock Contributor iOS Shutterstock Contributor iOS Shutterstock Contributor iOS Shutterstock Contributor iOS Shutterstock Contributor iOS

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Visual artists, photographers, and content creators- earn money in your creative field no matter where you are in the world. This is the Shutterstock Contributor - iOS App. We can't wait to showcase your incredible content, so you can earn money through your creative work.

Shutterstock Contributor

App Description: Shutterstock Contributor is a robust iOS application designed for photographers, illustrators, and videographers to submit and manage their creative content for sale on the Shutterstock platform. As one of the leading stock photography agencies, Shutterstock offers a vast marketplace for buyers seeking high-quality images, videos, and illustrations for various projects. With the Shutterstock Contributor app, users can easily upload, keyword, and submit their work directly from their iOS devices, enabling them to monetize their creativity and reach a global audience of potential buyers.

Primary Features:

  1. Content Submission: Shutterstock Contributor allows users to upload and submit their photos, illustrations, and videos directly from their iOS devices to the Shutterstock platform. The app provides a streamlined submission process, guiding users through the necessary steps to prepare and upload their content for review.

  2. Keywording and Metadata: The app offers robust keywording and metadata tools to help users optimize their content for discoverability on the Shutterstock marketplace. Users can add relevant keywords, titles, and descriptions to their submissions, increasing the chances of their work being found by buyers searching for specific themes or subjects.

  3. Submission Status Tracking: Shutterstock Contributor provides users with real-time updates on the status of their submissions, allowing them to track the progress of their content through the review and approval process. Users can monitor which submissions have been accepted, rejected, or are pending review, enabling them to stay informed and manage their portfolio effectively.

  4. Content Management: The app offers comprehensive content management capabilities, allowing users to organize and manage their submissions within the Shutterstock Contributor platform. Users can view and edit metadata, review submission history, and track earnings directly from their iOS devices, providing convenient access to important portfolio information on the go.

  5. Editorial and Commercial Content: Shutterstock Contributor supports the submission of both editorial and commercial content, catering to a wide range of creative projects and licensing needs. Whether users are capturing newsworthy events, creating commercial advertising materials, or producing artistic illustrations, the app offers flexibility in submitting various types of content for sale on the Shutterstock platform.

  6. Earnings Tracking: The app provides users with insights into their earnings and sales performance, allowing them to monitor their income generated from content sales on Shutterstock. Users can track their earnings by date, content type, and license type, helping them analyze trends and optimize their content strategy to maximize revenue potential.

  7. Community Engagement: Shutterstock Contributor fosters a vibrant community of contributors, providing opportunities for collaboration, networking, and learning. Users can connect with fellow contributors, participate in forums and discussions, and access educational resources to enhance their skills and knowledge in the stock photography industry.

  8. Support Resources: The app offers access to a variety of support resources to assist users in navigating the Shutterstock Contributor platform. Users can access FAQs, tutorials, and help articles directly from the app, enabling them to troubleshoot issues, learn best practices, and make the most of their Shutterstock contributor experience.

  9. Push Notifications: Shutterstock Contributor sends push notifications to users to provide important updates, reminders, and announcements related to their contributor account. Users can customize their notification preferences to stay informed about submission status changes, sales milestones, and platform news, ensuring timely communication and engagement with the Shutterstock community.

  10. Security and Privacy: Shutterstock prioritizes the security and privacy of its contributors' content and personal information. The app implements robust security measures to safeguard user data, including encryption, authentication, and data access controls, ensuring that contributors' assets and sensitive information are protected against unauthorized access or misuse.

With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and robust support resources, Shutterstock Contributor empowers iOS users to monetize their creative talent, showcase their work to a global audience, and generate income through stock photography, illustrations, and videos. Whether users are professional photographers, aspiring artists, or hobbyists, the app offers a convenient and accessible platform to share their creativity, connect with buyers, and contribute to the Shutterstock marketplace.

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