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February 15, 2024
University of Utah Healthcare
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More About SafeUT

The SafeUT Crisis Text and Tip Line Android App provides 24/7 access to crisis counseling and school tip reporting for students and their parents and guardians that live in the state of Utah. After installing the app you can connect directly to the UNI CrisisLine or report a confidential tip on bullying, school threats of violence or concern about someone in crisis. CrisisLine staff can assist with a wide variety of problems, including emotional crisis, grief and loss, drug and alcohol problems, mental health issues, self-harm and suicidal behavior.

SafeUT: Your Comprehensive Safety App for Android

App Description:

SafeUT is your all-in-one safety companion, designed to provide support and resources for mental health and safety concerns. Developed with the well-being of users in mind, SafeUT offers a range of features to promote mental wellness, crisis intervention, and community support.

Primary Features:

1. Crisis Text and Call Support: Access immediate crisis intervention services through text messaging or phone calls. Connect with trained crisis counselors who can provide support, guidance, and resources during times of distress or crisis.

2. Anonymous Reporting: Report safety concerns, bullying, threats, or other issues anonymously through the app. Your reports are sent directly to school officials or authorities for prompt action and intervention.

3. Mental Health Resources: Explore a comprehensive library of mental health resources, including articles, tips, and coping strategies for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.

4. Chat Feature: Engage in real-time chat conversations with crisis counselors or trained professionals for immediate support and assistance. Discuss concerns, ask questions, and receive guidance in a safe and confidential environment.

5. Safety Planning Tools: Create personalized safety plans to manage crises, cope with triggers, and access support networks. Develop strategies for staying safe and managing difficult situations effectively.

6. Community Resources Directory: Access a directory of local resources and support services, including mental health clinics, counseling centers, crisis hotlines, and support groups. Find the help you need, when you need it, in your community.

7. Educational Resources: Learn about mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and other safety-related topics through educational resources and interactive content available within the app.

8. Emergency Alerts and Notifications: Receive timely alerts and notifications about safety-related events, emergencies, or critical incidents in your area. Stay informed and take appropriate actions to ensure your safety and well-being.

9. Confidentiality and Privacy: Rest assured that your conversations and personal information are kept confidential and secure. SafeUT adheres to strict privacy guidelines to protect user confidentiality and privacy at all times.

10. Accessibility Features: Benefit from accessibility features designed to ensure that the app is usable and accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Accessible design elements and features enhance usability and inclusivity for all users.

With SafeUT on Android, you have a trusted ally for promoting mental wellness, crisis intervention, and community support right at your fingertips. Whether you're seeking immediate assistance during a crisis or exploring resources for mental health awareness, SafeUT is here to support you every step of the way.

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