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PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter iOS

PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter iOS

3.0 by Voice-Activated Teleprompter
(0 Reviews) February 26, 2024
PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter iOS PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter iOS PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter iOS PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter iOS

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February 26, 2024
Voice-Activated Teleprompter
Music / Video
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More About PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter iOS

PromptSmart is the only “smart” teleprompter iOS app. Our patented VoiceTrack™ speech recognition technology is revolutionary because it provides a robust prompting solution to automatically follow a speaker's voice in real time. PromptSmart is the market leading public speaking and video production tool.

PromptSmart Lite: Revolutionize Your Presentations

Detailed App Description:

Unlock the Power of Seamless Presentations
PromptSmart Lite is the companion you never knew you needed for public speaking, vlogging, and any scenario requiring a polished presentation. This iOS teleprompter app leverages cutting-edge voice recognition technology to scroll as you speak, adapting to your pace in real-time. Gone are the days of manual scrolling or losing your place. With PromptSmart Lite, deliver your speeches with confidence, knowing that your script will always keep up with you.

Designed for Speakers of All Levels
Whether you're a seasoned public speaker, a budding vlogger, or anyone in between, PromptSmart Lite offers an intuitive interface that makes teleprompting accessible to everyone. Its lightweight design ensures that your device remains responsive, while the voice recognition feature eliminates the need for remote controls or excessive screen touches. Experience the freedom to focus solely on your delivery, making every word count.

Primary Features:

  • 🗣 Voice Recognition Scrolling: The app listens and scrolls as you speak, perfectly syncing with your pace.
  • 📱 User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, allowing you to concentrate on your presentation without distractions.
  • 📝 Customizable Scripts: Easily import or type your scripts within the app, making preparation simple and efficient.
  • 💼 Professional Grade: Ideal for professionals, educators, students, and casual users aiming to enhance their public speaking skills.
  • 🔋 Efficient on Battery: Optimized to be gentle on your device’s battery, enabling longer sessions without the need for frequent charging.

PromptSmart Lite is more than just a teleprompter app; it's a tool that elevates your speaking engagements, ensuring your message is delivered exactly how you envisioned it, with poise and precision. Download it today on your iOS device and take the first step towards transforming your speeches and presentations.

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