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Proloquo2Go AAC iOS

Proloquo2Go AAC iOS

8.2.1 by Tap symbols. Type words. Speak
(0 Reviews) February 15, 2024
Proloquo2Go AAC iOS Proloquo2Go AAC iOS Proloquo2Go AAC iOS Proloquo2Go AAC iOS Proloquo2Go AAC iOS Proloquo2Go AAC iOS

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February 15, 2024
Tap symbols. Type words. Speak
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More About Proloquo2Go AAC iOS

Tap images. Type words. Speak. Proloquo2Go - iOS App is an easy to use communication app for people who cannot speak or need help being understood. Featuring natural sounding voices, including real children’s voices, Proloquo2Go is a simple yet powerful AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) tool. The app is fully customizable and can be utilized to build language skills and grow with a person’s communication, supporting both beginning and advanced communicators.

Proloquo2Go AAC: Empowering Communication through Assistive Technology (iOS)

App Description:

Proloquo2Go AAC is a powerful iOS app designed to facilitate communication for individuals with speech and language disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and aphasia. Using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology, Proloquo2Go enables users to express themselves effectively through symbols, pictures, and text, empowering them to communicate with others in various settings.

Primary Features:

1. Symbol-Based Communication: Access a vast library of symbols, pictures, and icons representing words, phrases, and concepts. Proloquo2Go utilizes symbol-based communication to facilitate expressive and receptive language skills for users with diverse communication needs.

2. Customizable Vocabulary: Personalize communication boards and vocabulary sets to match individual preferences and communication styles. Customize symbols, categories, and layouts to create a tailored communication system that meets specific user needs.

3. Voice Output: Enable text-to-speech functionality to transform symbols and text into spoken language. Proloquo2Go offers high-quality, natural-sounding voices that allow users to express themselves verbally and participate in conversations with others.

4. Core Word Vocabulary: Incorporate core word vocabulary into communication boards to promote spontaneous communication and language development. Proloquo2Go emphasizes the use of core words, such as "want," "go," and "more," to facilitate flexible and efficient communication.

5. Visual Supports: Utilize visual supports, including photographs, illustrations, and symbols, to enhance comprehension and expression. Proloquo2Go provides visual cues and prompts to support users in understanding and using language effectively.

6. Social Stories and Scripts: Create social stories and scripts to help users navigate social situations and interactions. Proloquo2Go enables users to prepare for various social scenarios and communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs effectively.

7. Accessible Design: Enjoy a user-friendly and accessible design optimized for individuals with motor impairments or visual challenges. Proloquo2Go features large buttons, customizable layouts, and intuitive navigation to facilitate ease of use for all users.

8. Backup and Syncing: Backup communication boards and settings securely and sync across multiple devices for seamless access. Proloquo2Go ensures continuity of communication support and enables users to transition between devices effortlessly.

9. Language Expansion and Modeling: Support language expansion and modeling by providing opportunities for users to learn new words and phrases. Proloquo2Go encourages communication partners to model language and reinforce vocabulary acquisition during interactions.

10. Professional Support and Training: Access professional support, resources, and training materials to maximize the effectiveness of Proloquo2Go. Receive guidance from speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and AAC specialists to optimize communication outcomes and user experience.

Proloquo2Go AAC empowers individuals with speech and language disabilities to communicate effectively using augmentative and alternative communication technology. With customizable communication boards, voice output, and visual supports, Proloquo2Go facilitates expressive and receptive language skills, enabling users to participate in conversations, express their thoughts and feelings, and engage with others in meaningful ways.

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