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7.8.0 by #1 EV Charger Map & Community
(0 Reviews) February 23, 2024
PlugShare iOS PlugShare iOS PlugShare iOS PlugShare iOS PlugShare iOS PlugShare iOS

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February 23, 2024
#1 EV Charger Map & Community
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More About PlugShare iOS

Discover EV charging stations effortlessly with PlugShare for iOS. Connect with a community of EV drivers, share experiences, and navigate charging with ease.

Navigate EV Charging Stations Worldwide with PlugShare

Detailed App Description:

Your Essential Companion for EV Charging on iOS
PlugShare is the most comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging station locator available for iOS users. Designed to simplify the search for charging stations, PlugShare connects you to the largest network of EV charging stations worldwide, making it the perfect companion for both daily commutes and long road trips. Whether you're a Tesla owner, drive a Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, or any other electric vehicle, PlugShare provides detailed information on charging sites, including user reviews, real-time availability, and the types of charging available.

A Thriving Community of EV Enthusiasts
What sets PlugShare apart is its vibrant, user-supported community. EV drivers from around the globe contribute to the app by sharing their experiences, tips, and real-time station information. With PlugShare, you gain more than just access to charging station data; you become part of a supportive network of like-minded individuals dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation.

Primary Features:

  • 🗺 Extensive Charging Station Map: Explore a detailed map featuring over 300,000 EV charging stations across the globe, complete with user-submitted photos, reviews, and status updates.
  • 🔌 Filter by Charger Type: Easily find the right charging station for your EV with filters for connector types including Tesla Supercharger, CHAdeMO, J1772, and more.
  • 🚗 Trip Planner: Plan your journey with the built-in trip planner that suggests the best charging stops along your route, tailored to your vehicle's range and charging speed preferences.
  • 📣 Community Reviews and Photos: Benefit from the firsthand knowledge of the PlugShare community with thousands of reviews, photos, and tips for charging stations.
  • 💾 Save Favorites: Bookmark your favorite charging locations for quick access during future trips and receive notifications about new chargers in your area.

PlugShare for iOS is not just an app; it's a vital tool for every EV driver looking to simplify their charging experience. By leveraging the collective knowledge of the world's largest EV driver community, PlugShare ensures you have the most accurate and comprehensive charging station information at your fingertips. Download PlugShare today and join the millions of EV drivers who trust PlugShare for their charging needs.

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