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Merge Survival : Wasteland

Merge Survival : Wasteland

1.17.1 by StickyHands Inc.
(0 Reviews) September 30, 2023
Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland

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September 30, 2023
StickyHands Inc.
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More About Merge Survival : Wasteland

A cozy season event for Autumn is now here! Collect acorns for the cute squirrel, and claim abundant rewards!

Embrace the autumn season with our exciting event. Gather acorns for the adorable squirrel and reap generous rewards!

👋 Meet Eden: A Survivor's Tale

I'm Eden, and my life took a turn on "that day." I've been drifting, searching for shelter, towns, or mansions to survive. The world has crumbled due to selfishness, leaving no love or pies behind. Every house, city, and mansion lies in ruins, making this chaotic world a lonely place. Can I survive here?

🆘 Your Help Is Needed!

Hey, you! I believe you can help me find shelter and safety. A mansion with gardens would be ideal. Will you assist me in navigating through this desolate world and surviving amidst misery? This isn't just another merge game; it's about survival.

🌍 Merge Survival: Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Experience life in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by environmental disasters. Merge to craft essential survival items and explore desolated towns and gardens. Create an "Eco-Friendly Camp" to live in harmony with nature and fellow survivors.

🔨 Crafting and Merging

Merge abandoned resources to create various survival tools.

Complete quests, merge food like pies, and help Eden build a cozy shelter and gardens.

Discover the value of resource recycling and complete your collection.

📖 A Tale of Survival

Unfold intriguing stories of encounters, conflicts, and coexistence with other survivors and animals in a world filled with despair.

🏡 Build Your Shelter and Explore

Construct production facilities for resource recycling or obtaining special resources.

Uncover hidden locations, explore devastated towns, and embark on adventures with friends. Perhaps you'll stumble upon a mansion!

🧩 Strategic Survival

Strategically collect survival essentials like water and oxygen in the gardens.

Merge pies and chocolates to maintain your energy.

🎮 Are You Ready for the Ultimate Merge Survival?

If you love survival and merge games, embark on your journey in "Merge Survival: Wasteland" now! Build your safe haven and share it with friends. Dive into the best of all merge games today.

📝 Permissions Required: We request access to memory for stable game progress.

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