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Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus

Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus by Kaspersky ME
(0 Reviews) October 11, 2023
Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus

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October 11, 2023
Kaspersky ME
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Free antivirus, malware scan, phone security and VPN for Android™, from Kaspersky.

Are you looking for app designed exclusively for all? Look no further! We're excited to introduce Kaspersky: VPN & Antivirus for Android, a comprehensive solution that offers antivirus protection, malware scanning, phone security, and VPN services, all tailored to meet your Android device's security needs.

Key Features:

1. Antivirus Protection

Acts as a virus scanner and cleaner.

Automatically blocks malware, viruses, and spyware.

2. Background Scan

Real-time scans for viruses, spyware, ransomware, and Trojans.

3. Secure QR Scanner

Warns about viruses hidden in barcodes.

4. Where Is My Device

Locate, lock, and wipe your device if it's lost or stolen.

5. Anti-Phishing

Protects against phishing attempts to steal your sensitive data.

6. Safe Browsing

Blocks malicious websites, downloads, and extensions.

7. Safe Messaging

Blocks malicious URLs in text messages and chats.

8. Kaspersky Password Manager

Safeguards passwords and enables instant account sign-ins.

9. Kaspersky VPN: Unlimited & Super-fast

Encrypts Wi-Fi traffic.

Provides private Internet access and global content access.

10. Social Privacy

Manage privacy settings in Google and Facebook.

11. Smart Home Monitor

Alerts you to new devices on your home network.

12. Quick Scan & Full Scan

Scans your device and apps for threats.

13. File Antivirus

Safety check for all Android files.

14. Unused Apps Cleanup

Identifies and helps you remove rarely used apps.

15. Data Leak Checker

Detects data leaks linked to your email or phone number.

16. Stalkerware Detection

Alerts you to spyware apps.

17. Call Filter

Reject unwanted calls.

18. Apps Permission Manager

Enhances app security with easy permission management.

19. App Lock

Protects sensitive apps with a PIN code.

20. Identity Protection Wallet

Encrypts and secures your ID documents.

Please note that some features are available for paid subscribers only. Additionally, due to legal restrictions, Kaspersky Secure Connection (VPN) cannot be installed in certain countries.

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