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Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS

Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS

1.10.351 by Learn addition and subtraction
(0 Reviews) February 22, 2024
Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS

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February 22, 2024
Learn addition and subtraction
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More About Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS

Kahoot - iOS App! Numbers by DragonBox is an award-winning learning game that gives your child a perfect introduction to math and the foundation they need for future math learning.

Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS

App Description: Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS is an educational app designed to make learning mathematics engaging and fun for children. Developed by DragonBox in collaboration with Kahoot!, this app offers a unique and interactive way for kids to explore mathematical concepts through gameplay, puzzles, and challenges.

Primary Features:

  1. Number Sense Development: Kahoot! Numbers focuses on developing children's number sense by introducing them to fundamental mathematical concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  2. Interactive Gameplay: The app features interactive gameplay that encourages hands-on learning and problem-solving. Children are presented with engaging puzzles and challenges that require them to apply mathematical principles to progress through the game.

  3. Adaptive Learning: Kahoot! Numbers adapts to each child's individual learning pace and style, providing personalized challenges and activities that cater to their specific needs and abilities.

  4. Visual Learning: Utilizing DragonBox's signature visual learning approach, the app employs colorful graphics, animations, and intuitive interfaces to make abstract mathematical concepts more tangible and easier to understand for young learners.

  5. Progress Tracking: Parents and educators can track their child's progress and performance within the app, monitoring their mastery of different mathematical skills and identifying areas for improvement.

  6. Educational Content: Kahoot! Numbers offers a comprehensive curriculum aligned with educational standards, ensuring that children receive a well-rounded mathematical education while having fun.

  7. Multiplayer Mode: Kids can compete with friends or family members in multiplayer mode, fostering collaboration, healthy competition, and social interaction.

  8. Offline Access: The app provides offline access to its content, allowing children to continue learning and playing even without an internet connection.

  9. Safe and Child-Friendly: Kahoot! Numbers prioritizes child safety and privacy, providing a secure environment for kids to explore and learn without exposure to inappropriate content or advertisements.

  10. Parental Controls: Parents can customize settings and controls within the app, ensuring that their children have a safe and age-appropriate learning experience.

Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox iOS offers a fun and effective way for children to develop essential mathematical skills while enjoying interactive gameplay. With its engaging activities, adaptive learning approach, and comprehensive curriculum, the app empowers young learners to become confident and proficient mathematicians.

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