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HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools

HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools

7.6.2 by TerraStride Inc.
(0 Reviews) February 13, 2024
HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools

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February 13, 2024
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More About HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools

Recognized by Outdoor Life Magazine as the Best Hunting App available. With over 6 million downloads, HuntStand Android App is North America’s #1 Hunting & Land Management App. Map and navigate your hunting areas in real 3D, view detailed hunting weather and game movement forecasts, access private and public property info, view 5 years of historical satellite imagery by month and so much more. Try HuntStand for free today, and unlock even more powerful features through our membership options.

HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools

Description: HuntStand is a comprehensive mobile application designed specifically for hunters, offering a wide range of GPS, mapping, and hunting tools to enhance the hunting experience. Whether scouting hunting locations, planning hunting trips, or tracking wildlife, HuntStand provides hunters with essential features and resources to optimize their hunting strategy and increase their chances of success.

Primary Features:

  1. GPS Mapping: HuntStand offers detailed GPS mapping capabilities, allowing users to view topographic maps, aerial imagery, and property boundaries for hunting areas. Users can explore hunting locations, identify terrain features, and plan hunting strategies with precision.

  2. Property Ownership Information: The app provides property ownership information, including landowner names, property boundaries, and parcel boundaries. Hunters can access land ownership data to identify public and private hunting lands, ensuring compliance with hunting regulations and property access permissions.

  3. Custom Waypoints and Markers: Users can mark custom waypoints, stands, blinds, trails, and other key locations directly on the map. HuntStand allows users to customize markers with icons, labels, and notes, facilitating navigation and organization within hunting areas.

  4. Hunting Zones and Units: The app includes hunting zone and unit overlays, allowing users to view hunting regulations, seasons, and restrictions for specific areas. Users can identify hunting zones, game management units (GMUs), and other regulatory boundaries to plan hunting trips and comply with local hunting laws.

  5. Weather Forecast: HuntStand integrates weather forecast data, including temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and barometric pressure. Users can view current weather conditions and forecasts for hunting locations, enabling them to make informed decisions based on weather patterns and trends.

  6. Solunar Predictions: The app offers solunar predictions that forecast wildlife activity based on lunar phases, sunrise/sunset times, and other celestial factors. Hunters can identify peak feeding times, movement patterns, and optimal hunting periods for specific game species, optimizing their hunting strategy accordingly.

  7. Hunting Journal: HuntStand provides a hunting journal feature that allows users to log hunting observations, sightings, harvests, and other hunting-related data. Users can record important details, track wildlife patterns, and analyze hunting data to improve future hunting success.

  8. Offline Access: Users can download maps and hunting data for offline use, allowing them to access essential features and information even when they're in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. Offline maps, waypoints, and hunting tools ensure that hunters can navigate and plan hunts effectively, regardless of their location.

HuntStand: GPS, Maps & Tools is a comprehensive hunting companion that provides hunters with essential features, tools, and resources to enhance their hunting experience. Whether scouting hunting locations, planning hunting trips, or tracking wildlife, HuntStand empowers hunters with the tools they need to navigate their surroundings, understand wildlife behavior, and increase their chances of hunting success.

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