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File Manager

File Manager

V1-210567 by Xiaomi Inc.
(0 Reviews) January 24, 2024
File Manager File Manager File Manager File Manager File Manager File Manager

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January 24, 2024
Xiaomi Inc.
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More About File Manager

File Manager - Android App is a utility application designed to help users manage files and folders on their mobile devices. It allows users to organize, view, edit, and transfer files stored on their device's internal storage, external storage (such as SD cards), and cloud storage services.

File Manager by ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc.

Description: File Manager by ZenUI is a feature-rich file management app designed to help users organize, manage, and navigate their files and folders on Android devices. Developed by ASUS Computer Inc., this app offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools and options to simplify file management tasks and improve productivity.

Primary Features:

  1. File Organization: Easily navigate through your device's storage, including internal storage, SD card, and external storage devices, with intuitive folder structures and file organization features.

  2. File Exploration: Browse and explore files and folders using various view modes, including grid view and list view, with options to sort files by name, date, size, and type for quick access and retrieval.

  3. File Operations: Perform essential file operations such as copy, move, rename, delete, and share files and folders, allowing you to manage your files efficiently and transfer them between different locations.

  4. Built-in File Viewer: View various file types directly within the app, including images, videos, documents, and audio files, with support for popular file formats and codecs.

  5. Cloud Storage Integration: Access and manage files stored in cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more, with seamless integration and synchronization for easy file management across devices.

  6. App Manager: Manage installed apps on your device, including the ability to uninstall, backup, and move apps to external storage, helping you optimize device storage and performance.

  7. Storage Analysis: Analyze storage usage and identify large files and unused apps using built-in storage analyzer tools, allowing you to free up storage space and optimize device performance.

  8. FTP and LAN Access: Connect to FTP servers and local area networks (LAN) to access and manage files stored on remote servers and network-attached storage (NAS) devices directly from the app.

  9. Security and Privacy: Protect sensitive files and folders with password encryption and secure access controls, ensuring the privacy and security of your personal data.

  10. Customization Options: Customize the app's appearance and functionality with various themes, color schemes, and settings to suit your preferences and workflow.

  11. Multiple Language Support: Enjoy support for multiple languages, allowing users worldwide to navigate and use the app in their preferred language for a more personalized experience.

File Manager by ZenUI offers Android users a comprehensive file management solution with a wide range of features and tools to meet their file organization and storage needs. Whether you're managing documents, photos, videos, or apps, this app provides a user-friendly interface and powerful functionality to streamline file management tasks and enhance productivity on your Android device.

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