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Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage

Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage

360.2.2 by Dropbox, Inc.
(0 Reviews) January 24, 2024
Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage

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January 24, 2024
Dropbox, Inc.
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More About Dropbox: Secure Cloud Storage

Dropbox allows you to backup your most essential files to the cloud, where you may access them at any time and from any location! Over 700 million registered users and 600,000 teams rely on it. Simple to use, trustworthy, private, and secure!

Dropbox offers an effortless way to safeguard your crucial files in the cloud, ensuring they are accessible from anywhere, anytime. With over 700 million registered users and 600,000 teams relying on its services, Dropbox has proven itself to be simple, trustworthy, private, and secure.

Key Features:

Auto Photo Upload: Instantly store your camera roll photos in the cloud for seamless sharing.

Universal File Access: Access any file, even offline, and preview 175+ file types without specialized software.

Effortless File Sharing: Share large files effortlessly, even with non-Dropbox users.

Photo Transfer: Easily save and transfer photos within your cloud storage.

Document Scanning: Convert documents, receipts, IDs, and more into high-quality PDFs using your mobile device.

Sync and Recovery: Sync folders on your PC or Mac with version history and file recovery.

Cloud Storage & Drive Photo Storage: Your Data's Safe Haven

Expand your storage capacity, back up, upload, share, scan, and transfer files and photos to the cloud with ease. Manage and share family and video albums effortlessly.

Upgrade and Enjoy New Features:

Dropbox Passwords: Securely store and sync passwords across all devices.

Dropbox Vault: Protect your most sensitive documents and photos.

Dropbox Rewind: Roll back files, folders, or your entire account up to 30 days.

Go Pro with Dropbox Professional: 3 TB of Storage

Ample storage for photos and files, collaborative commenting, watermarking, shared link controls, and a 180-day account rewind feature.

Before finalizing your purchase, view the plan price, which will be charged to your Google Play account and varies by plan and location. Dropbox subscriptions bought in-app renew monthly or yearly. To prevent auto-renewal, disable it at least 24 hours before renewal via your Google Play account settings.

Join the 14 million paid users who trust Dropbox for secure cloud and drive solutions. Let Dropbox simplify your file storage, organization, transfer, and sharing across all your devices.

Please note that Dropbox is not affiliated with Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, iCloud, or Microsoft OneDrive.

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