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Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos

Dreamstime: Inspire Your Creativity with Stock Images - Android App

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Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos

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February 02, 2024
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More About Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos

Dreamstime is an Android App designed to empower photographers to monetize their creativity by selling their photos through the Dreamstime platform.

Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos

App Description: Dreamstime is an Android app designed to empower photographers to monetize their creativity by selling their photos through the Dreamstime platform. As a prominent stock photography agency, Dreamstime offers photographers a global marketplace to showcase their work and connect with buyers seeking high-quality images for various projects. With the Dreamstime app, photographers can easily upload, manage, and license their photos directly from their Android devices, making it convenient to turn their passion for photography into a profitable venture.

Primary Features:

  1. Photo Upload: The Dreamstime app enables photographers to upload their photos directly from their Android devices to the Dreamstime platform. Users can submit their images for review and inclusion in the Dreamstime collection, expanding their reach and potential for earning revenue from their photography.

  2. Submission Management: Photographers can manage their photo submissions within the app, tracking the status of each submission from upload to approval. The app provides notifications and updates on the review process, allowing photographers to stay informed about the status of their submissions.

  3. Keywording and Tagging: Dreamstime offers robust keywording and tagging tools to help photographers optimize their images for discoverability on the platform. Users can add relevant keywords, titles, and descriptions to their photos, increasing the likelihood of their images being found by buyers searching for specific themes or subjects.

  4. Sales Tracking: The app provides insights into photographers' earnings and sales performance on the Dreamstime platform. Users can track their earnings by date, image, and license type, enabling them to monitor their progress and analyze trends in their sales activity.

  5. Community Engagement: Dreamstime fosters a supportive community of photographers, providing opportunities for collaboration, feedback, and networking. Users can connect with fellow photographers, participate in forums and discussions, and share tips and techniques for success in the stock photography industry.

  6. Royalty Payments: Dreamstime offers transparent royalty payments to photographers for the licensing of their images. Users earn a commission on each sale, with earnings deposited directly into their Dreamstime account for easy withdrawal.

  7. Customer Support: The app offers access to customer support resources to assist photographers with any questions or issues they may encounter. Users can access FAQs, tutorials, and help articles within the app, as well as contact customer support directly for personalized assistance.

With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and seamless integration with the Dreamstime platform, Dreamstime offers photographers a valuable tool for managing their stock photography portfolios and maximizing their earning potential. Whether you're a professional photographer looking to monetize your work or an amateur enthusiast seeking to share your creativity with the world, Dreamstime provides the resources and support you need to succeed in the competitive stock photography market.

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