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Dreamstime Companion iOS

Dreamstime Companion iOS

(0 Reviews) February 02, 2024
Dreamstime Companion iOS Dreamstime Companion iOS Dreamstime Companion iOS

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February 02, 2024
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Earn cash for doing what you love: taking pictures! Sell your photos on Dreamstime - iOS App – the leading stock photography community.

Dreamstime Companion iOS

App Description: Dreamstime Companion is an iOS app designed to complement the Dreamstime stock photography platform, offering photographers a convenient way to manage their portfolio, upload images, and track sales on the go. Developed by Dreamstime, one of the leading stock photography agencies, the Companion app provides photographers with essential tools and features to streamline their workflow and maximize their earnings potential. Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, Dreamstime Companion offers a seamless and efficient solution for managing your stock photography business from your iOS device.

Primary Features:

  1. Portfolio Management: Dreamstime Companion allows photographers to manage their portfolio directly from their iOS devices. Users can upload new images, edit existing metadata, and organize their portfolio into categories and collections, ensuring their content is well-organized and easy to discover by potential buyers.

  2. Image Upload: The app provides a convenient image upload feature, allowing photographers to submit new photos to the Dreamstime platform directly from their iPhone or iPad. Users can upload images from their device's camera roll or capture new photos using the app's built-in camera functionality, streamlining the submission process and saving time.

  3. Sales Tracking: Dreamstime Companion offers real-time sales tracking, allowing photographers to monitor their earnings and track the performance of their images on the platform. Users can view detailed statistics, including download counts, earnings per image, and revenue trends over time, providing valuable insights into their stock photography business.

  4. Notification Alerts: The app provides notification alerts for new sales, image approvals, and other important updates related to the user's Dreamstime account. Users can receive push notifications directly on their iOS devices, keeping them informed about their portfolio activity and ensuring they never miss a sale or opportunity.

  5. Keywording Assistance: Dreamstime Companion offers keywording assistance tools to help photographers optimize their image metadata for improved discoverability. Users can access keyword suggestions, tags, and descriptions based on popular search terms and trends, enhancing the visibility of their images on the Dreamstime platform.

  6. Submission Status: The app allows users to track the status of their image submissions, from upload to approval. Photographers can monitor the progress of their submissions, receive notifications when images are reviewed, and make any necessary edits or adjustments to ensure compliance with Dreamstime's submission guidelines.

  7. Customer Support: Dreamstime Companion provides access to customer support and assistance directly from the app. Users can submit inquiries, report issues, or seek help from Dreamstime's support team, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution of any concerns or questions.

  8. Secure Authentication: The app features secure authentication mechanisms to protect user accounts and ensure data privacy. Users can log in securely using their Dreamstime credentials, with optional biometric authentication (such as Touch ID or Face ID) for added security.

  9. Offline Access: Dreamstime Companion offers offline access to essential features and functionality, allowing photographers to manage their portfolio and track sales even when internet connectivity is limited or unavailable. Users can access their account information, view portfolio data, and perform basic tasks offline, with changes synchronized automatically once connectivity is restored.

Dreamstime Companion offers photographers a powerful toolkit for managing their stock photography business directly from their iOS devices. With its intuitive interface, essential features, and seamless integration with the Dreamstime platform, the app empowers photographers to maximize their earnings potential, optimize their portfolio, and stay connected to their business wherever they go.

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