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Craft of Survival - Gladiators

Craft of Survival - Gladiators

5.4 by 101XP LIMITED
(0 Reviews) September 30, 2023
Craft of Survival - Gladiators Craft of Survival - Gladiators Craft of Survival - Gladiators Craft of Survival - Gladiators Craft of Survival - Gladiators Craft of Survival - Gladiators

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September 30, 2023
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Craft of Survival - Immortal Gladiators & Last Grim Adventure is a new free 2 play mobile roguelike game in the world of dark fantasy wasteland simulator. Survive in a wild realm full of dangers in this 3d roguelike action RPG! It is the right day to set yourself on the path of war against wild zombies and old rules!

Craft of Survival is a captivating, free-to-play mobile roguelike game set in a dark fantasy wasteland simulator. In this 3D roguelike action RPG, you'll dive into a world teeming with danger and adventure. It's time to embrace your warrior spirit and confront the wild zombies and the old rules that govern this treacherous realm.

The World Awaits

Explore a world brimming with heroes, undead hordes, merciless bandits, enigmatic arenas, and ravenous frost monsters. The earth, once proud and prosperous, now lies in ruins, shattered by an enigmatic Rift. As a survivor, it's your duty to unravel the dark secrets of the Rift while traversing the Shattered Coast frontier in the Dawn of a New Era.

Exciting Battles

Engage in thrilling multiplayer action RPG battles with crafting and building at the core. The dynamic no-target combat system ensures a fun challenge for players of all skill levels. Craft your unique survival strategy as you prepare to face a variety of foes in this roguelike strategy simulator.

Hunt a diverse bestiary of enemies across numerous 3D in-game locations.

Explore dungeons and confront special enemy types.

Team up with friends to battle powerful bosses in online raids or take them down solo as an exile.

Be the last one standing by devising your unique strategy in online PvP Battle Arena against other players.

Dynamic Multiplayer Storyline Path

Choose one of the playable races and set forth as a powerful immortal, shaping your destiny in the Shattered Coast frontier. Rewrite your own story, wage wars in arena games, and establish your rules on this war-torn earth. Uncover the secret behind your immortal soul's existence, as you journey through breathtaking 3D locations, from frosty wastelands to zombie-infested dark forests.

Coop Multiplayer World in 3D

Navigate the vast expanses of the Shattered Coast frontier, where challenges and rewards await at every turn. Explore a grim online fantasy world at the Dawn of a New Era, from the Frost Wasteland to the Dark Forest or even charting the mysterious ocean. Encounter a variety of adversaries, from ferocious wolves to toxic zombie lords, and decide your path in this RPG.

Build, Craft & Survive

Secure your survival in this unforgiving mobile multiplayer world. Whether you hunt fantasy animals, scavenge or defend against others, your life takes precedence. Join forces with fellow heroes in a clan to thrive in this crafting simulator. Start with a humble hut and progress to establish a prosperous settlement, recruiting companions to aid your journey.

Join the Beta Test

Participate in the beta test of this thrilling low MB io game and claim special rewards upon launch. Craft of Survival - Immortal Gladiators & Last Grim Adventure is the free-to-play mobile roguelike game you've been waiting for to play online. Don't miss out, but remember, these games require an internet connection.

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