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Age of Apes

Age of Apes

by tap4fun
(0 Reviews) January 26, 2024
Age of Apes Age of Apes Age of Apes Age of Apes Age of Apes Age of Apes

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January 26, 2024
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The world of humans has ended; the Age of Apes - Android App has begun! Monkeys are at war to launch Rockets into space in search for... bananas! Become part of the strongest Clan, create your own Gang, war with other apes, and be the first monkey to explore the galaxy.

Age of Apes: Evolution War

Description: Prepare for an evolutionary battle unlike any other in Age of Apes: Evolution War, the thrilling Android app that puts you in command of a civilization of intelligent apes. Build, strategize, and conquer in this post-apocalyptic world where apes have risen to dominance. Lead your tribe to greatness, forge alliances, and wage war against rival factions as you fight for supremacy in a world where only the strongest survive.

Primary Features:

  1. Tribe Building: Establish and expand your ape civilization by constructing buildings, gathering resources, and training your troops. Develop your ape society, unlock new technologies, and cultivate a thriving community in the midst of a harsh and unforgiving world.

  2. Strategic Warfare: Engage in intense battles against rival ape tribes in real-time PvP combat. Command armies of trained apes, equipped with advanced weapons and technology, as you fight for control of territory and resources. Develop cunning strategies, unleash powerful abilities, and outmaneuver your opponents to emerge victorious on the battlefield.

  3. Exploration and Expansion: Explore the vast post-apocalyptic landscape and uncover hidden treasures, ancient relics, and valuable resources scattered throughout the world. Expand your territory, claim new territories, and establish outposts to extend your influence and secure valuable assets.

  4. Alliance System: Form alliances with other players and collaborate to achieve common goals and objectives. Work together to defend against enemy attacks, coordinate raids on rival tribes, and participate in alliance-based events and challenges to earn rewards and recognition.

  5. Heroic Leaders: Recruit legendary ape heroes with unique abilities and skills to lead your tribe to victory. From cunning tacticians to fearsome warriors, assemble a diverse team of leaders and customize their abilities to suit your playstyle. Level up your heroes, equip them with powerful gear, and unleash their full potential on the battlefield.

  6. Base Customization: Customize your ape base with a variety of structures, defenses, and decorations to fortify your stronghold and showcase your dominance. Build towering watchtowers, fortified walls, and advanced defense systems to repel invaders and protect your territory from enemy attacks.

  7. Resource Management: Manage your resources wisely and efficiently to ensure the prosperity and growth of your ape civilization. Gather food, wood, stone, and other essential resources through harvesting, mining, and scavenging to sustain your tribe and fuel your expansion efforts.

  8. Global Events and Challenges: Participate in global events, tournaments, and challenges to test your skills and compete against players from around the world. Earn valuable rewards, climb the leaderboards, and prove your dominance in the Age of Apes.

Experience the ultimate ape evolution war in Age of Apes: Evolution War. Lead your tribe to victory, conquer rival factions, and carve out your destiny in a world where only the strongest survive. Are you ready to rise to power and lead your apes to greatness? Download Age of Apes: Evolution War now and unleash your primal instincts.

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